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The LEAF Network is a community-based organization with the mission to link people with the benefits of edible trees and support edible trees with people’s stewardship.

The goal of the LEAF Network is to connect people with the benefits of edible trees, and to connect edible trees with the stewardship of people. 

LEAF materials encourage and promote the planting, care, harvest and celebration of edible trees. These trees include native and nonnative species that yield fruits, seeds, pods, nuts and other products for people, wildlife and the environment. 

LEAF is affiliated with the nonprofit Arizona Community Tree Council. Major funding to develop the LEAF materials and website has been provided by the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management’s Urban and Community Forestry Program and the USDA Forest Service. ​ 

Principle contributors to the Edible Tree Guide and materials at this website include Ann Audrey, Beverly Babb, Wendy Burroughs, Barbara Eiswerth, Ph.D., Chris Erickson, Katie Gannon, Rafael de Grenade, Ph.D., Brad Lancaster, Melanie Lenart, Ph.D., Alix Rogstad and Barbara Rose.

Partners, collaborators and donors who support this work include:

Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management​

Arizona Community Tree Council ​

Bean Tree Farm​

City of Phoenix – Parks and Recreation Department ​

Desert Harvesters​

Edible Baja Arizona Magazine​

Friends of Tucson’s Birthplace – Mission Garden​

Iskashitaa Refugee Network

Linking Edible Arizona Forests on the University of Arizona Campus ​

Sustainable Cities Network ​

The Urban Farm

Trees for Tucson – Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Inc. ​

​Trees Matter

University of Arizona – Campus Arboretum​

THANKS! to the people who provided photographs used at this website and in the Edible Tree Guide.

Photographs have been provided by: Ann Audrey, Beverly Babb, Michael Bernal, Dena Cowan, Allison Dixon, Barbara Eiswerth, Jesus Garcia, Rafael de Grenade, Jim Harris, Ashley Hodes, Elie Kirkwood and Desert Harvesters, Melanie Lenart, Barbara Rose, Kanin Routson, Sue Smith, and Patty West. For permission to use photographs, contact execdirector@aztrees.org.

Copyright 2022

LEAF is under the fiduciary stewardship of the Arizona Community Tree Council, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

70 S Val Vista Drive, Suite A3-186, Gilbert, AZ  85296


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