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The goal of the LEAF Network is to connect people with the benefits of edible trees, and to connect edible trees with the stewardship of people.

CHOOSE Planting Site and Design​

​Having LEARNED the benefits of trees and the specific trees that grow in your area, you can now CHOOSE good planting sites and develop a tree planting design that maintains healthy trees throughout their long life spans. This requires understanding the characteristics of the land, local microclimates and regional climate factors that affect potential planting sites. You can start with a simple map of the planting site. Next, learn about the patterns of sun, shade, cold air, wind, soil, people, wildlife and water flow at your site. Take any potential wildfire danger in your area into account in site design. Plan ahead to ensure there is enough room to allow young trees to grow to maturity. Understanding options for harvesting rainwater, graywater, air conditioning condensate and stormwater resources will help you develop a water resources plan to sustain the healthy, productive edible trees in your tree planting design. Click the links below to learn more. ​

Personal and Community Goals

Understanding Site Conditions


Sun and Shade Patterns

Cold Air and Chill Requirements

Wildfire Preparation



Human and Wildlife Use

Tree Spacing

Water Supplies

Develop Your Tree Planting Design

CAUTION: Never eat anything that is not properly identified. It is your responsibility to ensure that all fruits, nuts, seeds, pods and other edible products of trees and shrubs are correctly identified and safe to eat before eating them or serving them to others.

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