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The goal of the LEAF Network is to connect people with the benefits of edible trees, and to connect edible trees with the stewardship of people.

HARVEST the Abundance 

Now comes the fun part—harvesting the fruits, nuts, seeds and pods that trees produce! Gather people to help harvest, making sure site conditions are safe, tools are used correctly and people watch out for one another. Assemble tools that are appropriate for the types and sizes of the trees. Use harvesting techniques suitable for the size, hardiness or tenderness of the produce being harvested. Transport and store the harvest in containers that keep fruits, nuts, seeds and pods clean and undamaged. You can prepare and eat foods fresh and preserve foods to enjoy weeks and months ahead. Enjoy and celebrate the fresh, nutritious, local bounty with family, friends and community. Recipes are provided as pdfs to use and adapt. Click the links below to learn more. 

Safety First 

Equipment and Techniques 

When to Pick 

Prepare and Preserve 

Share and Celebrate the Bounty 


CAUTION: Never eat anything that is not properly identified. It is your responsibility to ensure that all fruits, nuts, seeds, pods and other edible products of trees and shrubs are correctly identified and safe to eat before eating them or serving them to others.

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