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The goal of the LEAF Network is to connect people with the benefits of edible trees, and to connect edible trees with the stewardship of people.


Click here for a pdf of Recipes

There are many recipes for the fruits, nuts, seeds and pods of edible trees and edible understory plants. 

• Desert Harvesters is an Arizona-based nonprofit organization that promotes and assists in the planting, harvesting and processing of wild, native foods—such as mesquite pods, and the seeds and blossoms of desert ironwood and palo verde trees, plus many more native species. Resources are available at desertharvesters.org, including information on Eat Mesquite and More, their extensive native plant cookbook. 

• Carolyn Neithammer has compiled traditional Native American recipes for native fruits, nuts, seeds and pods. See information at cniethammer.com

Here are several recipes to try.

• Calamondin Chicken.pdf 

• Calamondin-Prickly Pear Punch Recipe.pdf 

• Spicy Seville Orange Vinegar.pdf 

• Seville Oranges - Pine nuts in ISKASHITAA-IRAQI DOLMAS– Recipe.pdf 

• Prickly Pear & Date Natural Candy Recipe.pdf

Spicy Seville Orange Vinegar

CAUTION: Never eat anything that is not properly identified. It is your responsibility to ensure that all fruits, nuts, seeds, pods and other edible products of trees and shrubs are correctly identified and safe to eat before eating them or serving them to others.

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