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The LEAF Network is a community-based organization with the mission to link people with the benefits of edible trees and support edible trees with people’s stewardship.


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​Forceful winds can dry out air, trees and soil. At your site, are there particularly strong winds? What direction do they blow from? How do winds affect your trees and your own comfort? Winds can be created by climate patterns, by the effects of mountains, and by local constrictions in canyons and even between buildings. ​

​In parts of Arizona, hot, dry winds can blow from the west/southwest in late spring and early summer while strong winds can blow from the southeast in late summer. Signs of strong, persistent winds can be seen in permanently wind-shaped trees. The prevailing wind directions in your area are the directions wind comes from with the highest percent of frequency, monthly and annually. The table Prevailing Wind Directions around Arizona, Monthly and Annual, shows wind patterns for selected wind gaging locations in Arizona.​

​To deflect and dissipate strong winds, plant hardy native edible trees as windbreaks upwind of buildings and sites. Plant more sensitive fruit trees downwind of hardy native trees and buildings to protect them from strong winds. Do not plant tender trees in locations where winds are concentrated such as in canyons or between buildings. Climate change may bring stronger winds and more intense storms that could damage and uproot trees. Tree-care strategies to protect against winds include trimming dead branches regularly and moving water supplies farther out from tree trunks to encourage wider root growth and stronger anchoring of the trees. ​

Download a PDF of the Prevailing Winds Table below.

Arizona cypress trees make an excellent windbreak when they are planted close together. Note the consistent tilt of the trees toward the right (downwind) due to the force of the prevailing wind. ​

Arizona Prevailing Wind Directions

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