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The LEAF Network is a community-based organization with the mission to link people with the benefits of edible trees and support edible trees with people’s stewardship.

PLANT Your Tree​

In this section, you will finish your path to growing edible trees by planting them at your site. Acquire the right type, number and size of trees to meet your goals and conditions at the site. Take the mature sizes of the trees into account when determining tree spacing and water supplies. Based on your water resources strategy and tree planting plan, install the watering system and dig planting holes. Carefully place the trees into the holes, backfill with dirt and water the trees. Get them off to a good start by applying mulch and weeding in the area around them. Record information about the type, date and care needed for your benefit and for those who may be stewarding the trees in the future. Click the links below to learn more. ​

​Acquire Your Trees​

Prepare Your Watering System​

Place Your Trees in the Ground​

Mulch, Weed and Label​

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